Rob M. Worley

Rob M. Worley is an internet pioneer having founded the popular and long-running website in 1997. At the height of the website’s popularity it was purchased by Demand Media an rolled into the sci fi news site

In 2004 Rob transitioned into writing comics, breaking in at none other than Marvel Entertainment where he penned the three-issue Dr. Strange spin-off  series “Young Ancient One.” Since then he’s written for numerous publishers including Wildstorm, IDW, Narwain, Image, 360jam, Arcana, Magic Wagon and Desperado to name a few.

Recent works include 2006’s critically-acclaimed junior novel “Heir to Fire” from Actionopolis and the 2008 original graphic novel (with fellow Agent of D.A.N.G.E.R. Shannon Eric Denton) “The Revenant”.

Rob is currently hard at work on his creator-owned kids series “Scratch9” from Ape Entertainment.