Phil Hester

Phil Hester began his twenty plus year career in comics while still a student at The University of Iowa. His earliest full length comics were published by black and white explosion start-ups Silverwolf, Malibu, and Eternity. Upon graduation, Hester and writer Paul Tobin created Fringe for Caliber Press, beginning his long association with the indie publisher. Although mainstream work at DC and Marvel soon followed, via Flash and Namor annuals respectively, Hester remained active in alternative comics, becoming a regular contributor to the anthologies Negative Burn, Deadline USA, and the groundbreaking Taboo.

After an adaptation of Tom DeHaven’s Freaks’ Amour with long time inker and friend Ande Parks, Phil began a long run as penciller on DC/Vertigo’s Swamp Thing with writer Mark Millar. Eager to explore writing, Hester created, wrote, and drew (often with many of his close friends as collaborators) the offbeat indie super hero title The Wretch, which was nominated for an Eisner as Best New Series in 1997. A short stint as storyboard artist for Batman: The Animated Series, Superman, Big Guy & Rusty, and Men in Black followed. In 2000 earlier collaborations with filmmaker Kevin Smith at Oni Press led to Hester’s biggest mainstream assignment to date- the revival of DC’s Green Arrow, again with Parks on inks. Hester and Parks remained on the book for four years and over 40 issues. During this time Hester pursued writing more actively and created the cult horror/sci-fi hit The Coffin for Oni Press with Mike Huddleston as artist. The pair reunited soon after for Deep Sleeper from Image. Hester and artist Andy Kuhn also created the teen hero book Firebreather for Image around this time. The book was later optioned by Cartoon Network and is now in production as a television movie and pilot for an animated series.

Other mainstream art assignments include runs on Nightwing, El Diablo, and Superman Confidential for DC, and The Irredeemable Ant-Man, Daredevil, and Ultimate Marvel Team-Up for Marvel. Past writing work includes , The Anchor for BOOM!, Vampirella for Harris, Gen 13 for Wildstorm, and The Black Terror for Dynamite, Antoine Sharpe and 13 Steps from Desperado as well as short stories for the Harvey nominated Postcards. Currently Phil splits his time between writing creator owned titles Golly and Firebreather for Image, and work-for-hire assignments The Green Hornet for Dynamite, Days Missing for Archaia/Rodenberry, and The Darkness for Top Cow. Hester still pencils as time allows, including a recent two-issue arc on The Darkness.

Phil lives in small town Iowa with his wife and two children.