Jon S. Lewis

J.S. Lewis is the co-author of the acclaimed Grey Griffins Trilogy (Scholastic). After selling nearly a million copies, Lewis and his writing partner (Derek Benz) continue the series with the Grey Griffins Clockwork Chronicles (Little Brown), beginning with The Brimstone Key in June 2010.
In December 2010, Lewis will debut with his first solo novel, Invasion (Thomas Nelson), the first of series called CHAOS Novels. The action-packed trilogy features giant robots and men flying in jet packs. In addition to his novels, DC/WildStorm and Sony Online Entertainment approached Lewis to write a 12-part comic book mini-series based on the virtual world phenomenon, Free Realms.
A graduate of Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Broadcasting, Lewis has explored an eclectic career that includes news reporting, radio production, animation, graphic design, web development, mural painting, speech writing, video game development, voice over work, and marketing. He currently resides in Arizona with his wife and children.