All Robots Must Die!

All Robots Must Die cover art by Ben Roman

All Robots Must Die cover art by Ben Roman

Two boys awaken with no memories of whom they are and must bond as frenemies to survive a war-ravaged world where ever-battling, improbable creatures rule the day! Jake and Elroy wake up to find themselves in a world decimated by warring factions of bizarre creatures. No memories. No backpack. No nachos! (and your best/only friend is a total jerk). They are trapped in a strange land where monkeys with jet packs hate dolphins with cybernetic exoskeletons, dolphins hate intelligent man-apes, sasquatches hate cannibalistic cows, and most everything hates them! However, there is something everyone agrees on and that is…ALL ROBOTS MUST DIE!

Author: Chad Derdowski
Cover Art: Benjamin Roman
Created by: Rob M. Worley, Shannon Eric Denton, and Chad Derdowski

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